having a Winter Wedding

Most couples want to get married in the summer when it’s sunny and you can have an outdoor wedding.But you have a little bit higher of a chance in late July, August and early September, which is the height of wedding season.So why not try something different and have a winter wedding?
Here are some advantages to having a winter wedding:The cost for a venue is substantially less money.If you are a budget conscious bride then the winter might be the way to go! Everything is less money in winter:catering,venue, DJ,florist, hair and makeup, etc. Since winter is considered the “off season,” wedding vendors usually offer better deals to keep business coming in.You can choose whatever date you want and it will be open most everywhere! In the summer you have to book early or you might not be able to get your top choices;you can’t be picky!Some popular winter venues – like the Timberline Lodge at Mt.Hood – do fill up fast, but the winter months are still not in as high of demand as the summer!
There are so many fun and unique decoration ideas that you can use for winter-themed weddings! You can go classic and elegant with red roses and all black and white.You can have fun using fur muffs and embrace the winter cold.At formalgirldresses,you can see many unique wedding dress.They are all made of excellent fabrics with high quality.At the same time,you can save much time and enough budget at online wedding dress shops.Here we also provide matched shawl and jzcket freely for brides as long as you order the wedding dress.Of course,you can also choose custom size with same price and shipping time.We will look forward to your visit.


show you 2016 dresses trends

The red carpet is a great place to get inspiration for your perfect wedding gown!Many stars shows wore beautiful designer gowns featuring distinctive trends that could easily translate to the world of bridal.Malin Akerman looked like she was ready to walk down the aisle instead of the red carpet in her dove grey Marchesa gown!Her mermaid dress featured tons of delicate tulle and beautiful embroidery and she accessorized the look with subtle but stunning jewelry – including that sparkling diamond on her left hand!Texture is a unique trend in bridal for 2016.The skirt on this Martina Liana gown features swirls of tissue-soft tulle that will give your wedding gown that same textured look as Malin’s gown.
Mindy Kaling looked simply stunning in her aubergine Georges Chakra gown.This look is all about sophistication and elegance!Mindy kept her accessories minimal so as not to take away from the gown’s intricate detailing at the neckline.Her dress features several trends we’ll be seeing in bridal for the Spring 2016 season:clean lines, clingy fabrics, short sleeves and detailed necklines!This Justin Alexander Signature satin mermaid gown features a heavily beaded illusion scoop neckline and cap sleeves and has the same sleek and sophisticated look as Mindy’s red carpet gown!
If you’re a bride ready to start shopping for your wedding gown,chat with us online at formalgirldresses.We want to hear about your inspirations and ideas.We’ll show you the upcoming 2016 trends as well as the styles that are hear to stay and help you find the perfect dress for your big day!You can see many newest wedding dresses in hot sales.They are sold with good review and cheap price and you can save budget and time.We can provide best customer service if you have difficulty choosing the dress.


wedding Gown Inspiration

The 2013 awards show season kicked off with the 65th Annual Emmy Awards and as usual, the ladies on the red carpet did not disappoint!If you are recently engaged,the red carpet is a great place to get inspiration for your perfect wedding gown!Many stars from television’s hottest shows wore beautiful designer gowns featuring distinctive trends that could easily translate to the world of bridal.Sofia Vergara wore yet another gown by her favorite designer?Vera Wang.Sofia flaunted her famous figure in a curve-clinging red lace gown.Lace continues to be a hot trend for brides in 2016,as well as gowns with straps!
Sophia’s gown featured a plunging V-neck and the mermaid silhouette that is perfect for brides who want to accentuate an hourglass figure like Miss Vergara’s.This Lillian West gown, featuring re-embroidered Alencon lace,a tasteful V-neckline and a flattering fit and flare shape, is perfect for the bride who is looking to achieve Sophia’s look but wants to tone down the sex appeal just a little bit.January Jones was the picture of feminine beauty in her dusty rose custom Givenchy gown.This look is soft and romantic, featuring timeless lace and a silhouette that will flatter every shape.
And if you are a bride who is not afraid of a little color, how about a pink wedding gown?You will be the definition of a blushing bride!This Wtoo wedding gown is just as romantic and ethereal as January’s custom gown, and it is in that same soft pink color!In general,there are four classic wedding dress styles for bride to choose at formalgirldresses.You can have a look with a-line sheath,mermaid and ball gown.Once you wear it and see the image in the mirror,you will find which one is the most suitable for you quickly.


budget for wedding dress

When you are planning your dress budget,it is also very important to factor in the “extra costs.”?Alterations are not included in the price of the dress and you will need them to ensure that your gown fits perfectly!In general,we recommend factoring between 200 dollars and 400 dollars for alterations on your gown.This is the average range suggested by our recommended seamstresses.And don’t forget about the accessories!Sometimes a sash or a veil can really change a gown from being a favorite to being the one.
As a bride,you also have a beautiful selection of bridal jewelry from necklaces,earrings and bracelets to tiaras,hair combs,pins and brooches.And don’t forget about your wedding day shoes!You don’t necessarily have to give yourself a firm number for these items, just remember all the elements that make up your wedding day look when planning your budget.
At that time,you can find good consultants extensively trained on dress styles,designers and the prices that go along with each of them.You can trrust your consultant – we’re here to help you find the dress of your dreams within your budget!Now,you should choose a nice wedding drress for your image at formalgirldresses.They are made with high quality and sold with reasonable price.You won’t disappointed with them.Furthermore,you can purchase the shawl and jacket on the dress separately.If you have some questions when you order the dress,you can send emails to us or leave the message.Of course,you can also turn to customer service for help if we are online,we will reply in time.Now We also keep update other styles such as prom dresses,you can usually care for our website.We can’t wait to work with you.


budget for wedding dress

Lets start from square one.What is a budget?The definition of a budget is “an amount of money available for spending that is based on a plan for how it will be spent.” In the bridal world, your budget is the amount of money that you are comfortable spending on your wedding.Why are budgets important?Weddings are expensive!For a bride,having a budget for her wedding dress will ensure that all the money isn’t spent in one place.
When setting a budget for?your?dress,it’s important to make it a number that you are?actually willing to?spend.For example,a bride tells her consultant that her budget is 1,500 dollars for her gown, but when she falls in love with a gown that is 1,300 dollars,she says it’s too expensive because she actually only wanted to spend 1,000 dollars.It’s important to be honest with your consultant about how much you want to spend on your dress.
Here at formalgirldresses,all weddings dresses range dramatically in price and we want to help you find the perfect wedding gown?that you’re comfortable with in every way – including?price point!All in all,you can save much budget and time on the whole.Maybe you can choose one wedding dress you like most with same budget.At the same time,you can have many choice with rich colors and style.If you want to make some little changes,you can send emails to us and we will try out best to adjust them.In addition,if you still order bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses besides bridal wedding dress,you can enjoy free shipping.More dresses you order,more coupon you enjoy.Come on and you will get rich harvest.With customer service,you can get help in time.Thanks for your time,we will help you heart and soul.


wedding traditions in Italy

Italy,you will be enlightened and surprised to find such drastic differences between our American wedding traditions and the Italian ones.There’s Nothing Like an Italian Wedding Feast.At a true Italian wedding they serve traditional gourmet Italian food,and in gargantuan amounts! ?Be prepared to eat for hours because guests are served a total of 14 courses. And don’t forget the drinks!The best man is in charge of making sure the guests have a continuous flow of wine and strong, alcoholic drinks.A long-awaited, layered Tiramisu wedding cake follows the meal.Bring your appetite,because Italians get offended when you don’t eat their food.
For wedding gifts,while American couples are choosing platters, knife sets, and toaster ovens at Macy’s or Pottery Barn,the traditional Italian bride carries a satin bag with her during the reception and asks her guests for money.Sometimes the bride wears the bag and men can exchange money for a dance with her.Similar to many other cultural traditions, the bride and groom break a glass;each broken piece symbolizing the number of happy years they will have together.
The best part about planning your wedding is combining old traditions with new traditions you and your husband-to-be want to create!Everything about your day will be stored as beautiful memories and your identity as a couple will shine through.Make your own traditions.they might be celebrated in your family for decades!Now,you can see the wedding dresses on our website at formalgirldresses.We are now advertising the a-line style,elegant and generous style for many brides.You can have a look carefully.If you want to have further knowledge,you can ask customer service for help.You can also leave the message in the remark box.


Italy wedding traditions

Italy, you will be enlightened and surprised to find such drastic differences between our American wedding traditions and the Italian ones.First one,the engagement ring.The Greeks and Egyptians believed the vein in the fourth finger on our left hand – also known as the “ring finger” – runs all the way to the heart.The engagement ring, worn on that finger, was created to symbolize eternal love.The Romans adopted this idea too, but they believed the ring was a symbol of ownership over their wife rather than a symbol of love.The father of the bride was responsible for choosing the groom and coming up with a dowry.
Then is the perfect day for a wedding.Having your wedding in May or August is frowned upon by the Old Church tradition and is considered to be an ill omen.The month of June is most preferred, but the bride’s father must choose the date and it must be a Sunday.The ceremony is officiated by a priest and the reception of celebration that follows proceeds through the night. The search for the right venue is not a difficult one… the wedding is conveniently held at the bride’s home!
If you go to a traditional Italian wedding,don’t be appalled when you see the groom tear the bride’s veil.Wearing the veil is considered to guard the bride from jealous spirits, and finding a tear in the veil is an omen of good luck.Also, the groom will occasionally carry a piece of iron in his pocket to ward off evil spirits.Little by little,you can learn more culture difference.Of course,you can feel the meaning of marriage.For every wedding,you should keep perfect image with beautiful wedding dress at formalgirldresses.Here we have many style for you choose.Come on!!!


Italian as your wedding venue

To believe that wedding traditions are universally the same is a common misconception.The assumption is:you find your soulmate,propose with a ring and get married.Essentially every couple abides by this,right?But these customs are not so black and white.As I started to think more about how a couple plans the most important celebration of their lives,I wanted to learn more.I wanted to know why we follow the same traditions and what the history is behind them.
Italy, as most of us know, is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world:Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa,the Sistine Chapel and many other phenomenal sights.It is also rich with church history and is a place where tradition is not taken lightly.You can see each one of those places and came away understanding a little more about the immense and heady power of tradition,enlightened and surprised to find such drastic differences between our American wedding traditions and the Italian ones.Contrarily, some of our traditions are not all that different and adopted a lot of customs from the early Italian rituals.
Such a becautiful and meaningful place,you can choose it as your wedding venue.Of course,you can choose a romantic church with romantic loving story.Now,you can find your ideal dresses at formalgirldresses for your wedding dress or prom dresses.We provide many kinds of dresses for customers online.You will have rich harvest with no doubt.Honorable ball gown,sexy mermaid,elegant a-line,simple sheath style dresses and so on are in hot sales with high quality and affordable price.Face so many colors and fabrics,you can send emails to us in time.By the way,you can choose swatches in advance to reduce aberation.If you have any questions,you can ask customer service for help.


How a pregnant bride prepare the wedding dress

As pregnant bride,you can get more blessing from friends.You can share your happiness with your baby.You will have same feeling.However,you should invite a knowledgeable bridal consultant to help you choose a suitable wedding dress.This is also based off of the gown style and how far along you will be on your big day.Each woman’s body changes so differently and can be unpredictable,so even after thoroughly deciding your estimated size you will still need alterations.If you aren’t the bride who wants to flaunt that belly,opt for an empire waist style gown.This shape will show off your bust and waist,but will allow a lot of easy movement in the belly and skirt area.
Try to find something that has detailing around the bust or neckline to draw the attention up to your face,rather than your midsection.Gowns with intricate or attractive straps can also elongate the body and flatter your collarbone,bringing the attention up.Regardless of the shape, find a fabric that is still comfortable for you to wear for a long period of time.This is one day where comfort is key and when you’re pregnant it’s even more important! A lot of empire waist styles are made in lightweight and flowy chiffon.
This fabric is breathable and will allow for the most movement.While wearing a more fitted gown, try for a non-constricting lace or thinner satin fabrics.They’re still lightweight, but these fabrics have a bit more structure to form to all of your curves.Don’t feel limited in your choices as a pregnant bride.Here formalgirldresses,a reliable online dress shop can make you look and feel beautiful on your special day,and as an expectant bride you have twice the amount of bridal glow!


a pregnant bride’s feeling

A pregnant bride can look just as beautiful on her big day, and not just while wearing an unflattering and frumpy gown!Some women have the mistaken thought that they have very limited choices as a pregnant bride,but the right bridal consultant will know the correct questions to ask to make your experience just as great as if you weren’t expecting.Brides who will be getting married in the earlier months of their pregnancy may not have as many problems finding something that will be an easy fit as opposed to someone who is further along and may need to make more changes.That is why being honest and comfortable with your consultant is very important!
The biggest surprise was seeing how many fitted gowns actually still looked great formed around baby belly.So don’t be afraid of showing it off if you want to!Just because your body is no longer the shape it used to be, doesn’t mean you can’t still wear that trumpet or mermaid fit you’d always imagined yourself in.It is all about finding an experienced seamstress who knows how to properly construct the gown around you.Also,having a knowledgeable bridal consultant can make the whole process go a lot smoother.They will discuss with you about your current shape and upcoming changes to help you choose the correct size.
At formalgirldresses,we provide abundant 2016 bridal wedding dresses.They are made with high quality and sold with reasonable price.Furthermore,you can purchase the shawl and jacket on the dress separately.If you have questions about the order dress,you can send emails to us or leave the message.Of course,you can also turn to customer service for help if we are online,we will reply in time.Now We also keep update other styles such as prom dresses,you can usually care for our website.